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Ask:Under what circumstances need to replace the controller ?

Answer:Controller out of the control, we have to replace, so to learn to check the detect is necessary. 

Frequent fault detection.

1.After opening the car key , the voltage of positive and negative, the switch lock and the battery are the same, the motor should be in a state of no resistance , Phase Voltage 0V, Phase Current 0A, Motor Holzer positive wire 5V, Yellow / Green/ Blue signal line voltage is 0V, 5V, 5V, turn positive voltage 5V, Holzer signal line voltage 0.8V

2.After turning, the power voltage of positive and negative, the switch lock voltage and the battery are the same, the motor should be in the running chapter and the sound is clear and pure, Phase voltage at the fastest speed with the power supply voltage of half, Motor Holzer positive wire 4.3V, Yellow green blue signal line voltage is 2.5V, Turn positive voltage 4.3V, Holzer signal line voltage 3.7V, Reduced speed & voltage.

3.The turn don’t work, Check whether the wiring harness is normal, Power supply voltage is normal, Is the first black ground wire to be connected or not damaged.

4.Turn the turn after the motor is blocked, to re-identify, or change the motor connected to the order / Holzer sequence.

5.Turn the turn, Motor rotation direction, Disconnect the learning line, or change the motor phase with yellow and green line connection, at the same time, change the Holzer line blue and the root of the connection