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Archont Electro Super Electric bikes

Author:Vire    Source:admin    Release time: 2016-06-15 16:03:15

This is the United States given Ono Bikes produced a customized electric bicycles, electric bikes have this subversive design electric bikes is that they make the opening. Its frame is made of stainless steel making manual material weight from 55 kilograms, so it's the perfect weight to meet the needs of the single rider. Front wheels 29 inches in diameter contains 108 spoke 26-inch wheel diameter and is connected to a 7-kW electric motor. The central body portion Aarchont Electro is a 72 volt battery, its power to ensure electric car endurance distance 99 km and a maximum speed of 80km per hour. The 3 m long electric car is still only the first edition, its exterior design is inspired by Ono Bikes previous products.

Archont Electro motor

Archont Electro motor2Archont Electro motor3

motor 5

Archont Electro motor 4

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