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The World's First Hydrogen-Fueled Electric Power Bike

Author:Vire    Source:cn.technode.com    Release time: 2016-09-20 16:16:19

Recently, Pragma Industries design a new product, which is the world's first hydrogen-fueled electric bike. Means the maximum benefit is that its zero carbon, emits only water, is very conducive to environmental protection.

 Electric Power Bike (1)

In fact, Pragma Industries overnight to reach a goal. As early as 2013, they participated in the ALTER BIKE Hydrogen-fueled hybrid electric vehicle design. The electric car with a lithium-ion battery and form dynamic energy systems hydrogen fuel cell, the user can according to carry sufficient quantities of fuel tanks. You can see that the fuel tank is small in size, can be inserted directly into the frame.

 Electric Power Bike (3)Electric Power Bike (4)

As reported in the Telegraph, new Hydrogen-fueled electric bike made a number of improvements in the design, the frame is more rugged and beautiful rich sense of science and technology, hydrogen fuel batteries were still hidden in the frame. In the use of solar and wind energy collection the power charging station, users as long as 5 minutes, you can charge while riding distance can be up to 100 km. Other traditional electric bikes, achieving the same effects take 3-5 hours.

 Electric Power Bike (5)

Pragma Industries in 2016 will be one of the first 100 cars "alpha" by 2017 to 1000 vehicles. Car prices ranging from 1700 to 2300 euros will not be greater than now high-end prices, of course, this applies only to the local people's income.