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How to chose an electric motorcycles Helmet

Author:rongjijidian    Source:    Release time: 2016-04-18 11:28:39

Most of the time except on rainy days are not wearing a Electric motorcycles helmet, there are a lot of women feel that wearing a helmet would affect the appearance, beauty in everyone, safety is more important, to remind everyone to "safe" to self, to family safety, below we recommend a few motorcycle helmet buying tips.

(1) the helmet must be equipped with anti-impact inner liner, coincide with head gasket material on the surface as a thin mesh linings, oil provides moisture wicking and absorbing the head role. In addition, the gasket should be on having depth in the 10MM above the ventilation slots, so that air circulation inside the helmet.

Electric motorcycles helmet1

(2) JAWS should be soft and buckle and other hard protrusions shall not exceed 5MM in vitro.

Electric motorcycles helmet2

(3) wear a helmet is light, comfortable feeling, helmet weight should not be more than 2KG.

Electric motorcycles helmet3

(4) the helmet should not block, don't sulk, clear vision, exposed, static state angle of not less than 105 degrees.

(5) the helmet can clearly hear and distinguish sounds from all directions, and there should be no vibration and noise.

Electric motorcycles helmet4

(6) inside the helmet should have good ventilation and thermal devices, and dust-proof and insect-resistant, waterproof, and so on.

(7) the helmet should have a good reflective and thermal radiation, highlight clear, eye-catching colors.

(8) helmet goggles clear lens is colorless, toughness very easily broken, in order to ensure that the driver's vision is not affected.

Electric motorcycles helmet5
(9) the helmet material should be based on glass fibre laminated structure best.

In General, the first consideration when choosing a helmet, was put on his neck when the helmet of the burden, to feel its weight when you balanced in your body. Helmet balance is very important, because the focus of the helmet from the head's Center of gravity closer fatigue. So, it is important not in the helmet's weight, but how helmets balanced performance.

The appropriateness of helmets in General, can be worn to any head size. It should be noted that the helmet ventilation and size. Should not feel when wearing a helmet riding helmet tight neck and wrap the head causing respiratory congestion. Should try to choose the kind of shook his head and helmet size helmet will not move, frequent take off nor excessive bottom wear helmets when wearing appropriate protective kits to the helmet.

Electric motorcycles helmet6

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