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How to chose a beter electic motor

Author:Vire    Source:admin    Release time: 2016-03-29 11:04:00

1, Motor. 

The current electric vehicle motors, include brush, brushless two categories. And brushless motor should be preferred;

2, Shock absorbers. 

Electric motor shock absorber is very important, it should be purchased before the rear shock device has an electric vehicle;

3, Brakes. 

Since the mass of the weight of electric vehicles, speed fast, flexible brake or not, it is crucial. To choose the manufacturers products;

4, Battery. 

Powered electric vehicles, is provided by the battery. Should use high-capacity (Ah) varieties, but also note that the closer the better battery manufacture date;

5 Speed. 

For safe driving, the national standard of electric vehicles is not more than 20 km / h. For safety, do not buy "speeding electric motor."

What's most important is to chose a best motor, search you want in here. Please connact us if you have any questions.